jace & clary; time to begin

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The Mortal Instruments characters → Minimalist


City of Ashes by Cassandra Claire

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TMI/TID meme│ 2/3 locations New York Institute

The Institute was huge, a vast cavernous space that looked less like it had been designed according to a floor plan and more like it had been naturally hollowed out of rock by the passage of water and years. Through half-open doors Clary glimpsed countless identical small rooms, each with a stripped bed, a nightstand, and a large wooden wardrobe standing open. Pale arches of stone held up the high ceilings, many of the arches intricately carved with small figures. She noticed certain repeating motifs: angels and swords, suns and roses.

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Baby can you see through the tears?

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The Mortal Instruments 30 Day Challenge

Day Three: Least Favorite Shadowhunter
Maryse Lightwood
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is it just me or does Kevin Zegers look like Rupert Friend at times

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we’re under the sheets and you’re killing me
In our house made of paper, your words all over me

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